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Property in Turkey from developers and private individuals.

RestProperty sells all types of property in Turkey: apartments, villas, land and commercial real estate. We have been on the Turkish real estate market for over 10 years and have experience in legal support of transactions of properties of different complexity. We are developing a network of branches and have extensive partnerships with construction companies in all regions of Turkey. However, RestProperty is a Turkish company, which through effective marketing tools works only on the territory of Turkey, without any foreign partners. Therefore, we can provide the most competitive prices for our customers and we always support our customers in the course of the preparation of the payment plan.

Our website features a search engine to find properties by type or region. We are observing the situation in the country and also the Turkish real estate market and report you about the most important changes. Everything you are interesting in: the procedure for registration of transaction, obtaining a residence permit, insurance, health care - these and many other topics are covered in the "Articles" section. Catalog of our company lists more than 3,000 objects and we can guarantee that you will find which you’re looking for.

On our website you can see the real estate from developers and individuals. Moreover, if you are interested in the details of loan procedure, installment or you in doubt of choosing a region – you can contact our specialists. In relation with the simplification of rules of buying property in Turkey for foreigners since summer of 2012 there has been an unusual increase in demand: we observe growth of investment flow, and more money is invested into the development of urban and resort infrastructure. In conclusion, if you want to rent out or lease, sell or buy any type of real estate in Turkey, our friendly team is always there to help you!

Отель в центре Алании 1,5 year loans
Эксклюзивный жилой комплекс Voyage Residence только от компании RestProperty! 5 year loans
Готовый комплекс в Коньяалты, Анталья с рассрочкой до 5 лет 5 year loans

How to buy property from developers in Turkey and what to choose?

How to buy property in Turkey near the sea? All you have to do is call our office in Turkey to get professional advice from a specialist in real estate. Once you make a selection, you can come to Turkey and we will show you the proposed property. You will always be accompanied by an experienced specialist who will answer any questions that might arise during viewing.

In addition to previous point, if you decide to buy a property in sunny Turkey, our company will pay your expenses related to travel and accommodation, more details in “Inspection tour in Turkey” section. Prices shown on the website are final, our services costs are already included in the price tag. RestProperty's professional approach should leave no questions unanswered for your total peace of mind!

Our projects

Rest 253

Недвижимость в Алании,Апартаменты в Кестеле прямо у моря!

Name : Luxurious penthouse in modern residence complex in Kestel, Alanya

Location :Alanya

Rooms : 5+1

Type : Penthouses

Price from : 350 000
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Rest 963

Эксклюзивный проект Sun Palace Residence только от компании RestProperty!

Name : New modern complex Sun Palace Residence in Tosmur, Alanya

Location :Alanya

Rooms : 1+1,2+1,3+1

Type : Apartments/Penthouses

Price from : 79 000
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Rest 1471

Новый готовый комплекс в Джикджилли

Name : Apartments with panoramic views in Cikcilli, Alanya

Location :Alanya

Rooms : 2+1

Type : Apartments

Price from : 160 000
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Квартиры в строящемся комплексе в Каргыджаке

Location : Alanya

Rooms : 1+1,2+1,3+1

Type : Apartments/Penthouses

Price from : 65 000
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Квартира 1+1 на берегу моря в Мерсине

Location : Mersin

Rooms : 1+1

Type : Apartments

Price from : 42 000
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Инвестиционный проект на начальной стадии строительства в Унжалы, Анталья

Location : Antalya

Rooms : 3+1, 4+1

Type : Apartments

Price from : 250 000
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Элитный проект с просторными апартаментами 4+1 на завершающей стадии строительства

Location : Antalya

Rooms : 4+1

Type : Apartments

Price from : 317 000
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Инвестиционный проект в Унжалы в Анталии

Location : Antalya

Rooms : 2+1, 3+1

Type : Apartments

Price from : 158 000
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Квартиры 1+1  в комплексе с бассейном в районе Унжалы, Анталья

Location : Antalya

Rooms : 1+1

Type : Apartments

Price from : 100 000
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Why is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Everything is very simple: making investments in real estate you can get profit on a regular basis or once resold. When you buy a villa or an apartment you can lease it to tourists. This type of service is relevant all year long. Moreover, the price of real estate is growing from year to year and you can get profit from it, too.

Everyone knows that purchasing real estate during the stage of construction is very profitable. In Turkey, this proposal is especially attractive since construction only takes 6 to 8 months due to favourable climate. If you choose to invest into housing on early stages of development, you will save money. By the way, we want to make it clear that property prices in our agency are the same as buying from developers directly. Another foremost bonus of real estate investments is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit and when buying villas - land ownership. As you can see, there are loads of bonuses. Make the right choice, and we will help you buy your next dream home!

650 thousand permanent foreign residents living in on the territory of Turkey
650 тысяч иностранцев постоянно проживает в Турции

Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) released new data. According to the data, at the moment 650,308 foreign residents living permanently on the territory of Turkey. This information is based on issued amount of long term residence permissions.

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The new solar power station will be opened in Antalya in February
В Анталии будут получать электричество от солнца

On the area of 33 000 m2 in the district of Döşemealtı this new governmental project will be opened to support the agricultural sector. Solar energy will be used for irrigation of lands for fruits and vegetable planting.

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Baby care stations in Antalya
В Анталии появились павильоны для ухода за грудными детьми

A brand new project from Antalya Belediye – new stations for the active mothers on the streets of Antalya. This is a special pavilion for the mothers with a newborn baby, it is developed to provide privacy and create a comfortable place for changing or breastfeeding the babies.

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The Turkish economy has shown remarkable performance
Экономику Турции ждет стабильный рост

Turkey is not afraid of the economic crisis. GDP growth will remain at the same level this year, and is expected to grow at 3.4% in 2017. Such predictions were marked in the report of the UN -"World Economic Situation and Prospects."

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A record number of tourists from Germany has visited Turkey in 2015
Рекордное количество туристов из Германии приехало в Турцию в 2015

Turkey has always been popular destination among the European tourists and last year has proven it once again. In 2015 a record number of tourists from Germany has increased over the past 3 years up to the 5.58 million people a year.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey – visa free rules will continue!
МИД Турции – отмена безвизового режима не планируется

Recently on the official web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a special announce regarding the claims, that Turkey will reintroduce visa requirements for 89 countries. According to the information on the different web pages, new visa requirements for non EU country citizens, approximately 89 countries totally, will apply from 01.06.2016.

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Antalya – metropolis on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea
Анталия – мегаполис у моря

Antalya. For the most of the of foreigners this city associates with the world famous resort. But Antalya is not only a resort for vacation, with the luxurious 5-star hotels and beautiful beaches, it is also a modern city with a developed urban infrastructure. This city is perfectly adapted for the long stay.

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Visa-free rules in Turkey
Безвизовый режим в Турции – сколько дней могут гостить иностранцы на Южных берегах

Visa free rules will continue, according to press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey on the 09.01.2016.

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Tax free in Turkey – how to save money by shopping
Tax Free в Турции – как «сэкономить» на шопинге

Turkey is a shoppers paradise – from antique shops, small street shops and bazaars to fashionable boutiques with international brands and reasonable prices. Everybody knows that it is impossible to come from Turkey without buying some leather, textile, jewelry and many more!

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7 myths About Turkey you Should not Believe
7 мифов о Турции, которым не стоит верить

Amid the latest world events our fellow citizens began to pose more and more questions, but how do the things stand now in Turkey? Is it safe to live here and just relax?

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From Sea Shores Straightway to Snow Covered Peaks
С морских берегов прямиком к заснеженным вершинам

For most holidaymakers Turkey first of all is the sea, the sun and the beach, and only a few people know that Turkey is also a country of wonderful ski resorts. Europeans took fancy to Turkish expanses for skiing and snowboarding long ago.

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For treatment – in Turkey!
На лечение – в Турцию!

Turkey enters top ten countries - the world leaders of medical tourism. Hundreds of foreigners are treated in clinics of Antalya each year.

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