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Turkish, English +90 (532) 327 82 62   Persian/Farsi, English,Turkish +90 (533) 676 26 70
Arabic, English +90 (532) 671 18 09   Ukrainian, English +90 (533) 677 55 05  
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Terms of Use

Welcome to our treasured customers of the RestProperty website. We would kindly like to draw your attention to the RestProperty website. Let us point out that browsing on the website constitutes tacit consent to the RestProperty terms of use and its privacy policy.

Furthermore, all of RestProperty websites, social networking site pages, and all of the numerous RestProperty electronic accounts on the Internet are registered formally as Turkish brands. Our network includes articles, website designing, websites, logos, and brand.

When proof exists that an entity, either within the Republic of Turkey territory or on the Internet has used, published, or copied any videos, photos, written script, or any other RestProperty website materials, including the RestProperty Real Estate website, for commercial purposes, without prior permission from RestProperty management, action will be taken. The RestProperty legal department shall submit a complaint in writing to the Higher Institute of Brands and Intellectual Creations Rights and mail Google Network a complaint informing the company of the breach and initiate legal procedures.

We further state, that in the event an entity used or plagiarized the RestProperty brand, our legal department shall preserve the RestProperty group's rights that have been accredited to the Turkish government by the filing of a lawsuit to the Higher Institute Brands and Intellectual Rights to claim damage compensation for plagiarism.

These Are the Terms of Use for the RestProperty Website

  1. Contents of the website are subject to change on the website without notification at any time by the website management.
  2. The studies carried out by RestProperty and the information contained on the website is available to customers as a reference source of support and help. The RestProperty website management assumes no responsibility for inaccurate information or content on the website.
  3. Applying or using any of the information or material available on RestProperty website pages shall be at the user's responsibility. The website management does not interfere in any way.
  4. The rights of ownership of the website's licensed materials belong solely to the website management. Therefore, the contents of the website must not be violated by copying, reproducing, or quoting, especially for investment and real estate studies, the logo of the company, and the website design.
  5. The infringement or misuse of the copyrights or intellectual property rights of the ResttyProperty website, by bad faith users, may be exposed to legal accountability.
  6. As a provision for more information for our customers, some of the pages on our website may, at times, contain links to websites our customers may find useful. However, RestPropety does not assume responsibility for useless or inaccurate information or materials.
  7. Our customers are allowed to create external links of the RestProperty website without the expressed permission of the website management.
  8. The misuse of the RestProperty website in a way that is contradictory with the mentioned terms of use is subject to the general international laws and especially those laws adopted by the Republic of Turkey.