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RestProperty suggests you to go through its services prior to purchasing of real estate in Turkey from property developers and individuals. We strongly recommend that you follow this for understanding of our concept.

RestProperty services:

All deals with Turkish real estate are arranged with help of our English-speaking staff. RestProperty will certainly help you choose the right option of real estate under supervision. Also the agency will subsequently follow your interests and help solve various problems. Our motto is "One satisfied customer = at least 3 potential leads". The logic is very simple and essentially means that your life and well-being on Turkish land are of utmost importance to us.

The following procedures are involved in property assessment:


RestProperty agent checks if an object was ever seized or pawned on mortgage. Also it is carefully studied whether there are any unsolved issues related to the governance of land cadastre, issues with the city (local) administration, and whether there is a tax debt. Sometimes we conduct a full check of construction documents (in the case of dealing with independent real estate).


In case of real estate being a piece of land, we directly check the development plan. It is done to identify possible inconsistencies in this plan, to determine whether there is anything related to real estate management, i.e. nationalisation or ownership by organisations or government agencies, etc.


Compliance of all permits concerning development, with either static, landscape, or architectural projects, as well as projects based supply of communications will be inspected. The seal of approval by Turkish administration authorities is mandatory.


Quality monitoring of construction process execution; it includes wiring, electrical, and plumbing systems check.


The validity of permits for the operation of an object as a living space is examined. An agent sends a request to the state department of land cadastre and certain administrative and local territorial authorities.

Finally, you are the proud owner of Tapu – certificate of ownership of your apartment or villa. What's next?

After-sales service of RestProperty

1. Setting up of subscription contracts

Without subscriber's contracts the water won't run, your chandeliers will not light up with welcoming light and you will not be able to share the joy of staying in Turkey over the phone with loved ones. There are certain difficulties for anyone who does not speak the language we will help overcome. In addition, if necessary, we can assist with the provision of technical services: conducting inspections of electrical wiring and plumbing systems, electrical, air conditioning and central heating. We take care of reporting of any faults upon inspection. We make sure the repair service is informed and supervise a technician during visit.


2. Cleaning service

There will be a cleaning service arranged before client's date of arrival. When leaving the apartment on the way back home you might forget to do something important: turn off the refrigerator or leave perishable food in the cupboard in the kitchen. We try to help as soon as possible in case of any problem. You can also order cleaning service through us for your apartment or villa guests, friends, relatives and tenants.


3. Lease of real estate

When you buy a property through our agency, we will assist you in getting a certain amount of additional income. For this purpose we use the recommendations of existing customers to rent out the property you have purchased. In addition, we can accommodate your friends and guests if the purchased apartment is not sufficient to accommodate all guests. Rental manager is always present during the key exchange, providing advice and answers in any situation.


4. Car rental or car purchase

The purchase or rental of property on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean has very different concept to a hotel vacation. Any resort town is just impregnated with history. So many guests and customers come to encounter some parts of rich ethnic heritage. The easiest way is to rent a car and travel in any direction. We are more than happy to help you with this, providing a car of the latest model on favourable terms.

Decided to move or spend a lot of time in your Turkish home? We can assist you in buying a car.

Car rental

5. Design and Interior

We all know the role of the interior in creation of comfortable life of your choice. Buying an apartment abroad you may have difficulty setting the apartment up or making any changes to its design. We also take care of that! When the contract is set up, a furniture package may already be included, with every detail described within. When you arrive in the apartment for the first time everything may be done already. If you prefer to choose furniture, appliances, dishes, and accessories yourself – we can help with advice from leading experts with the selection, as well as purchase of furniture, some interior elements and design. A specialist accompanies you and draws attention to individual details, advises on good shopping centres and furniture stores, and if necessary, provides translation services.


6. Insurance

The whole world is actively using the services of insurance companies: it is quite ordinary to insure your health, apartment, or a car. In order to avoid problems in case of insurance situations we provide consulting services directly, help arrange health and/or car insurance contracts in case of purchase.


7. Transportation services

If you have any problems with purchasing of airline tickets, you do not know how and where to buy tickets for the charter flight, or your guests need a transfer from the airport or the VIP-transport with a personal driver for a special occasion, you can always seek help from our real estate managers. We assist not only in selection of real estate and transaction of purchase and sale of property, but also help you adapt to the new situation, as well as provide everything necessary for comfortable stay and recreation information.




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