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Change Moscow to Turkey!

The international real estate sale agency RestProperty offers a new service: buy a property in Turkey - sell a property in Moscow!

Deal advantages:

  • ✓ all money transactions are completed in one company, no need to overpay
  • ✓ all legal issues are handled by the company's lawyers
  • ✓ full transparency of the transaction
  • ✓ favorable conditions for each client

You can exchange a property in Moscow not only for a residential property (an apartment or a villa), but also for a commercial one. We will select the most convenient option for you Turkey and take care of all the hassle of a deal. You just need to define your goals - what you want to get for your Moscow property. And then our experts will work.

Our company takes full responsibility for all stages of work. You will not need to go to different authorities by yourself, collect documents, sell your apartment, worry about money received from a sale. All you need is to visit the Moscow office of RestProperty and you can assume that you already live on the seashore in bright and sunny Turkey.

Our country is beautiful! Excellent ecology, healthy and tasty products, a high standard of living, a wonderful attitude of local residents to foreigners and finally living is much cheaper than in Moscow in most cities in Turkey.
Contact us, we will be able to turn dull Moscow twilight into colorful Turkish sunrise!
Attention! The service is available only for owners of Moscow properties.

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