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Villas in Kemer

RestProperty assures that by purchasing a villa in Kemer not do you get simple housing, but all the other benefits of living in one of the best regions of Turkey. Soft climate and gentle sun play an important role for many people choosing to invest in Kemer's real estate.

Villas are very popular amongst Western Europeans. Purchasing villa in Kemer is the obvious choice for many people from all over the world. RestProperty offer various options of mansions and villas in different complexes. Requests are random: by the sea, near the mountains, in a zone with the separate big territory of personal land, etc.

Inspection tour allows you to inspect the house and territory and allows you to get the feeling for living in the chosen area and makes sure your decision is not biased.

Our competent specialists will help you pick the most suitable option. Our task is to make your dream come true!

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Kemer is a respectable small resort in which nothing distracts vacationers from their main goal – relaxation and recovery from everyday life. This city presents little chance of buying a villa on the seashore. After all, practically all good locations on the coast around Kemer are occupied by high-class hotels which, for preserving the status, must have their own beach. However, there's an emerging new market of villas in the upper Kemer and the upper Geunyuk areas – there are a lot of new construction sites here.

If you are looking for a villa, there are some options in 500-800 meters from the sea. In this proximity to the beach there are smart houses with small private gardens and personal pools, and also about 15-20 villa complexes with internal infrastructure. With help of RestProperty you can pick a heavenly spot overlooking the mountains, buried in verdure and in only 5-7 min walk to Kemer's pebble beaches. When buying a villa in Kemer you should pay attention to the condition of walls and basement, as high humidity all year long may cause corrosion; waterproofing should be used when building or renovating any properties. These and many other details, saving you from making the wrong choice, can always be discussed with our managers.

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