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Apartments in Kalkan

RestProperty offers you a wide choice of Turkish real estate, including cottages, villas and apartments in Kalkan. Kalkan is a true gem of the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, a small town situated by a beautiful bay with pearl-turquoise waters.

This town is a hidden treasure, buried in olive gardens. It is not surprising that many people consider it a calm paradise corner and seek to have an apartment in Kalkan. This place is remarkable for its peaceful atmosphere – there are no crowds of fidgety tourists and other vanities, which is so typical for resort cities. Once you get to Kalkan you can feel that the town itself has been blended with sedating sea and soft climate.

Are you looking for a peaceful place? If so, RestProperty advises you to consider Kalkan. This silent town clambers solitary rocks framing the bay. The sea can be seen from almost all points of the town.

That is why, wherever in Kalkan you buy the apartment, you will have a wonderful view. And nowhere else in Turkey you will feel so calm and peaceful. Kalkan is the best place for those who value quiet life. You can also see all other apartments we have for sale in Turkey.

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Kalkan is told to be the pearl of the Mediterranean; it is even believed that the historian Heredot once described Kalkan as “the nearest place to the stars”. Kalkan is one of the few tourism centres of both Turkey and the world with its blue flagged (means the clearest) sea and untouched natural beauty and with its historical ancient ruins from the Lykia Civilisation.

Kalkan is a constantly developing tourism resort located in the southwest of Turkey. It borders with of the most important tourism cities, Antalya, and is also very close to the other important resort, Fethiye. Kalkan is located on the slopes around the marina, so from every point of the town you will enjoy the stunning scenery of the sea and the mountains.

All these make Kalkan a unique paradise to have an apartment in. Kalkan is also famous with its apartments mostly owned by the Europeans and Brits. The other living areas are rather expensive whereas the apartments are much more affordable. With around 100,000, you have the chance to own a spacious apartment in Kalkan.

An important advantage of Kalkan is its special microclimate – there is low humidity, so even in the hottest season, you will enjoy staying here in your own apartment.

Walking through in the streets to the Gulf, you can visit chic jewellery shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Kalkan is one of the most attractive holiday resorts near Fethiye, but it is located on the Mediterranean Sea, so the warm season is much longer. Kalkan itself has pebble beaches, but if you spend 25 minutes and drive down to Patara Beach or even shorter to the famous Kaputaş Beach, you can enjoy pure white sand under your feet.

Purchasing an apartment in Kalkan is very simple because RestProperty is here to help you. We will take care of all aspects of you buying real estate here. We also help with all pre- and post-sales services, as well as rentals and resales.

Do not miss the chance of buying your own apartment in Kalkan!

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