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Villas in Izmir

RestProperty offers nicest villas in Izmir. The city lives on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and is one of the largest cities in Turkey with population of more than 3,5 million people. Izmir is the second largest port in the country, after Istanbul.

Villas have about 4-5 rooms, with an average area of about 200 sq. m. Each house is unique and individual in its own way. Inviting guests you will always be sure that they will love it.

Izmir's location is also convenient. You can visit historical places such as the Hilt, Virgin Mary's House, Pamukkale, Greek island of Samos etc.

Real estate in Izmir shows your status and welfare of successful person. RestProperty will help you make the right choice and you can always get professional consultation from certified specialists. We work so you can rest in your new homes.

Get in touch with our managers and we will always help you find the best option!

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If you are used to the benefits of civilisation, villa in Izmir's suburbs is for you. In 10-15 minutes you can get to the largest port of Turkey, restaurants, clubs, shopping and business centres. Our company offers you a wide choice of villas in Izmir and nearby small but nonetheless charming towns of Cheshme, Alachata, Ilydzha.

Prices of villas in Izmir vary and you can become the owner of real estate here for unexpectedly low amounts of money. However, like in any other region, should you wish to buy a villa, pay attention to some specific details: condition of communications, nearby infrastructure and quality of a beach in close proximity to your new home. Count on our cooperation and we will do everything possible to pick you the best option.

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