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Apartments in Izmir

Nowadays, Turkey is one of the few countries, which naturally combines mystery of the East with progression of the West.

RestProperty can offer you options of apartments or villas purchase in Izmir – the third largest city of Turkey. Izmir is located on the coast of the warm Aegean Sea.

Becoming the owner of real estate in Izmir gives an opportunity to visit this surprising country with excellent climate, fine nature, high quality of life and worthy service levels any time of the year.

This resort offers apartment owners lots of places to spend their time – cafes, shops, restaurants, souvenir markets and nightclubs. RestProperty guarantee that you won't feel bored here.

You cannot make up your mind? Get in touch with us, and we will surely be able to suggest best selection of apartments in Izmir. 10-year experience dealing in Turkish real estate market allows us to give critical advice to all future owners of apartments, cottages and villas in Turkey. You can also look through all apartments in Turkey, offered for sale on our website.

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Purchasing an apartment in Izmir is not cheap, but is a very liquid investment, both for the purpose of resale or rent.

Izmir has its own airport with regular flights to other cities of Turkey, the Middle East and Western Europe. The airport in in easy reach by train or via picturesque serpentine road by car. Fans of travel by sea can go visit Istanbul or Venice.

Happy owners of apartments in Izmir already known that this beautiful resort is a city of contrasts, similar to Istanbul. Antique structures don't interfere with modern subway, and most elegant architectural marvels are in good peace with ghettos and cheaper neighbourhoods. Izmir will give you the chance to see Turkey in a way you will never see it from a hotel terrace.

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