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Moving to Turkey with children

Moving to Turkey with children

According to the statistics, more than half of the property in Turkey is purchased with the purpose of moving for permanent residence in the country. Usually, people move with their whole family. Of course, the issue of moving abroad with children and living in another country is very acute for everyone who decides to take the step. Another country, another language, mentality – how can a child cope with all of this?

In fact, research of experts and data of opinion polls show that fears about adaptation are completely vain. Most children quietly find a common language with their peers, successfully integrate into the Turkish education system, and the language is being developed by the younger generation almost faster than by adults. Moreover, in Turkey, both adults and children treat guests absolutely loyal, no one will offend your child either in school or on the street: everything is completely ruled out here.

And if the adaptation for small foreigners does not arise in their environment, then the most comfortable living will be in an apartment or a private home, parents should take several points into account.

  -Selecting a location

The first thing to do when choosing a property is determining the place of residence, checking if there is a kindergarten around (PS, there are also special buses for children’s transportation for school in Turkey). And then, the parents should check out schools for additional classes, courses, how lessons are being conducted... etc. The infrastructure around the property is also very important: the availability of shops with products and essential goods, banks, pharmacies and other public institutions. It is also very important to find out how far the hospital is and what services the hospital gives.

It should also be noted that some small resort towns are filled during the holiday season, and the rest time freezes. Another point is roads. If the house is surrounded by a highway road which has continuously moving vehicles, then you should probably look for another property for the sake of your children.

And if you are a traveler, and you constantly book flights, you should check if there is an airport nearby while purchasing a property.

Pay attention to the beach and the sea: a gentle sandy bottom will be the best option for the children’s comfort, and most importantly it will be safe to swim. There are many beaches like this located in Alanya, for example.

  -Choosing a house

Most of the houses in Turkey are located in residential complexes. This is especially convenient for families with children. The territory of the complex is usually closed and consists – swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, and much more so children of all ages can find something to do and their parents won’t have to worry about them.

It’s also better to get acquainted with neighbors in advance. Generally, in Turkey, children are loved in principle, no matter where they are from. But there can be retired old people who do not like noisy games living right next to you. So it is very suitable to choose a place where the child can have company, someone to play with in the yard so that he/she won’t feel lonely.

It is also important to know whether there are compatriots in the complex or nearby complexes. But of course, it is a matter of taste. Some people want to live among with people who speak the same language as them. But some prefer to discover the Turkish atmosphere and live among local residents.

Be sure to find out the insulation in your future home. Some cities of Turkey are quite cool in winter and not all the apartments have central heating. Adults can easily manage the cold but it could be a real problem for children. Therefore, you must immediately clarify how comfortable the apartment will be in winter.

The presence of an elevator is also important if the apartment is located above the 3rd floor, climbing through the steps with small kids every day could cause a problem.

You should also check the balconies, especially if the apartment is on a high floor, almost all the apartments in Turkey are very large, more like open terraces. So, it’s worth considering if the balcony is a danger to your children and how can it be more secure.

Soundproofing, even your neighbors are loyal people, listening to children’s crying and loud laughter for a long time won’t be pleasant. On the other hand, with good sound insulation, even if your neighbors throw a party, nothing will prevent your baby from going to bed, as early as you want.

Therefore, if you are going to move abroad with children, be sure to ask for help from qualified specialists! They will be able to help on all issues and choose a suitable real estate for you and your children!

  And most importantly, what is in Turkey and what is ideal for all, without exception, children: clean air, warm sea, long bathing season, organic products, the opportunity to live peacefully and truly enjoy life!


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