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Housing on the first line: features of "houses by the sea"

Housing on the first line: features of

Purchasing an apartment or villa on the beach is a dream of so many. Falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of sea waves, inhaling the sea air, enjoying exceptionally beautiful sea views is such a magnificent opportunity. Therefore, those who purchase real estate in Turkey usually ask the question "How far is the sea?" In Antalya region, particularly in Alanya, real estate on the beach is leading the sales. The building is not just deep into the mainlined, but also stretched along the countless beaches. Of course, since the real estate on the first coastline is prestigious – they have an infinite number of advantages.


Property on the first line, in the immediate vicinity of the Mediterranean, is always a little more expensive. The cost of housing there can be more expensive than an apartment with the same qualities without a sea view. The closer the sea is, the higher the prices are. Note that purchasing an apartment by the sea is always more expensive than purchasing an apartment away from it.


It is certain that in the future, there won't be another house built in front of you blocking your sea view.
It is also important to consider that sea is not only beautiful and charming, but there are storms, tides, strong winds which can bring excessive moisture into the house. Therefore, choosing real estate on the first line should be picked very carefully, checking the reliability of communications, and the strength of materials that the house is built from. "Will the building be able to withstand severe wind gusts, will there be mold in the house, how much is the microclimate in the rooms, can they be well ventilated?" These questions are definitely worth asking while purchasing an apartment on the first coastline.


Currently, there are several options for real estate near the se. Firstly, there are residential complexes. Now, many cities in Turkey that are located on the coast are building residential complexes with the infrastructure of a five-star hotel. They often have their own beaches, so the owners can comfortably get to the sea from their apartment in a couple of minutes. If you purchase an apartment on the upper floors, then you will have the chance to enjoy magnificent sea views.

Secondly, the villas. They are either single villas or they are in complexes. Living in them is very convenient, neighbors at least, such houses are great for a relatively secluded pastime. If you are purchasing a detached villa, you should take care of security and surveillance cameras.


This is an important point that must be considered while purchasing an apartment near the sea. The fact is that most of the infrastructure, especially hospitals, kindergartens, schools, large shops, etc., are closer to the city center. Therefore, if its important for you to live close to these facilities, you should choose a place near the center or pick a place where you can reach the cente by public transportation very easily. Now, this can be tricky for families with young children so you should be especially careful while making your purchase.


It is also important to remember that real estate by the sea is an adventageous investment option. It is much easier to rent out an apartment on the first coastline in any season. And renting out an aparment by the sea will bring you a better income.

Real estate by the sea can be your dream come true but it can also turn in to a disaster. In order to not face any problems, do not trust ranom people, and do not purchase apartments or villas from agencies with bad reputations. Choose companies with high-quality services and have the opportunity to live in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.


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