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Coronavirus in Turkey. Quarantine and home purchase in Turkey

Coronavirus in Turkey. Quarantine and home purchase in Turkey

Active struggle against the spread of coronavirus continues throughout the world. One of the measures was the closure of flights between almost all countries. Turkey did not stand aside. Now an extremely limited number of aircrafts from a minimum number of cities in the world fly to the Turkish republic. Nevertheless, work is ongoing in all areas of business, including international ones.

Our company selling real estate in Turkey RestProperty does not stop its work, we sell
residential properties and commercial premises in Turkey, we cooperate with both Turkish and foreign buyers.

RestProperty CEO Lyudmila Tufan: “All our offices work, our employees are always in touch. We are ready to give any information about buying a house in Turkey.”

Currently, we offer most services for foreign buyers online. For those who are now outside of Turkey, the Company provides consultations by phone and also via video. You can call us at any time, our managers will answer all questions. Also, you can leave your message on the site, we will contact you.

We are offering online tours for those who want to see their future apartment in as much detail as possible. The procedure is simple: You leave a request on the site, we contact you and select a convenient viewing time for you. Then our managers show you the selected object from our catalog in real time. You will be able to consider every corner of your future home, simultaneously asking questions to managers. It is very convenient, however, viewing the apartment does not imply a personal presence.

Reservation of a real estate once you have chosen an apartment or villa or any other object and you have decided to make a purchase is also possible. For this, an appropriate contract is concluded and the object is no longer put up for sale for a certain time. And after quarantine ends, you can fly to Turkey and draw up all the documents for the purchase of the object in person.

Online purchases, our company provides foreign buyers with the opportunity to purchase real estate online. If you have firmly decided that you are buying an apartment or a villa, we can draw up all the documents without your personal presence in the country. The procedure will take a little time, all documents will be certified, your electronic signature will be required. We will definitely tell you in detail about all the stages of making an online purchase, transactions are absolutely legally clean, all documents will be confirmed by the relevant government agencies.

For those who are currently in Turkey

Personal visits to our offices are possible, you can visit any of our offices in Istanbul, Antalya or Alanya. All rooms are thoroughly and regularly disinfected, employees work in masks, individual visitors will be offered personal protective equipment.

Remote cooperation is also an option. If you are in Turkey, but do not want to leave your home, you can use any of the above methods of communication to purchase a property.

Lyudmila Tufan: “Of course, the situation is not easy for us and for our customers. But - sales are on, people are seeking to buy real estate. We offer you a variety of cooperation options. Contact us, we will assist everyone!”

Currently, the Turkish real estate market is experiencing a very slight decline in sales, however many, people on the contrary, are trying to buy housing right now, because there are very favorable offers and discounts available at this time.

Contact RestProperty, we will surely find a convenient option for a mutual cooperation, including in the online format.

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