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Business in Turkey

Бизнес в Турции

Turkey is a very attractive country for investment and business, and it is difficult to find alternative in some spheres: agricultural industry, trade and tourism. Coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are attractive to development of travel industry.

If you decided to invest in Turkey, we are here to help you. Leasing of any kind of real estate, purchasing a hotel or a shop space – we will pick the best options for you and advise you on development direction. In 2013 the number of tourists from abroad was 31,5 million people, however in 2004 there were only 13 million people. In other words, in the past 9 years the number of tourists grew by almost 2,5 times.

Turkey has excellent opportunities for business, after all growth rates of export, gross domestic product and inflation are comparable with indicators of other developing countries in Europe. Turkey has been a part of Customs and European Unions since 1996 and has signed FTA – Free Trade Agreement. Since 2005 there have been negotiations about Turkey becoming a full member of the EU. For example, unemployment rate in 2012 was below 8,2%, which is lower than in many European countries.

Бизнес в ТурцииCorporate tax in Turkey decreased from 30% to 20%. Income tax for individuals ranges from 15% to 35%. Furthermore, in technological development areas there are loads of advantages, free and industrial zones include partial or complete exemption from income tax. There is a system created to support investment programmes, based on the division into regions and industries.

Turkey is one of the most important energy terminals; it serves as European corridor connecting East and West. Modern Turkey is an energy transit country, delivering up to 221 million tons of oil and 43 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the world markets annually.

* Looking for places to open a new branch of already existing business?
* Looking for goods export to Europe or Asia?
* Decided to start a new business in a warm country?

Turkey is the best country for business development


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