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Golf in Turkey

Golf in Turkey

To this game is almost six centuries! And at all times golf was rather elite pastime. Both today golf not only and not so much sports, how many this cultural phenomenon with the traditions and an esthetics. Golf is at the same time both sports, and rest, and a business meeting without ties. After all this game assumes quiet and leisurely communication. During a batch, passing from a hole to a hole, partners know each other better, there is a trust — and what can be more important for business?

Not accidentally many centuries around the world this elite sport is considered a prerogative of successful people. To be the member of golf club – for many it is part of the image, one of methods to maintain business relations, to show the solvency and floodability. In the same way, development of golf infrastructure becomes part of image for many countries staking on the tourist industry. Availability of a large number of golf clubs is as a quality label and prestigiousnesses of the resort.

Golf - pleasure not from cheap. The good field costs, all infrastructure runs also into money much. After all golf is not only a field, sticks and balls, it and high-quality ammunition, a certain level of hotels, restaurants, high level of service. The golf project is always thought over and performed in one stage and in full, as gives it special investment appeal.

The house near a golf course — it too a special type of real estate – golf real estate. Apartments and country houses in the territory of the golf resort is a priori elite objects! They usually are more privately located, more elegant from the point of view of architecture and design. Many consider them even more attractive, than country houses on the coast. And therefore, even being at a distance from the sea, the country house in golf club will be more expensive, than the best object ashore.

Golf as game, golf as the infrastructure, golf real estate successfully develop today in many countries of Europe. If you are going to purchase real estate abroad and thus to you attributes of an elitism are important, look narrowly at golf real estate. In the different countries, cost of similar objects the different. Pay the attention to young, promptly developing golf resorts. We won't claim that here real estate prices are absolutely democratic, but that they are more available, than at competitors, it – is unconditional! If you wish to have opportunity to play golf practically all the year round, regardless of weather, thus to live near the sea coast and fine beaches, at the same time having opportunity to ride mountain skiing, you should look narrowly at two resorts – to the Turkish city the Baby seal and the Bulgarian Kavarna. Both there and there the last ten-fifteen years golf so promptly develops that these two cities have prospect to become the best golf resorts in the countries, and, probably, and in Europe.

Belek and Kavarna are in many respects similar. These small cities, no more than 12 thousand people live in each of which, in the eyes turn into the first-class resorts. Both cities are near the airport international airports. Both there and there the comfortable soft climate, more than 300 days in a year shines the sun. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea the Baby seal and the Black Sea Kavarna by right are proud of the remarkable beaches, hotels, restaurants. Both cities surround mountains with the developed mountain-skiing infrastructure.

But the most important sight of both cities – fine golf fields of the international level, availability of the high quality golf clubs, special offers for golfers of any level from beginners to professionals and, certainly, high-quality golf real estate – apartments, apartments, country houses in housing estates with the developed infrastructure in close proximity to golf fields.

Small difference of the Bulgarian and Turkish golf real estate, perhaps, only that in Beleke golf apartments and country houses mainly are located near the downtown, in insignificant removal from golf fields. And in Kavarna golf settlements are scattered between golf fields a time at considerable distance from each other (if certainly it is possible to consider considerable distance in five-seven kilometers in case of availability of the developed network of roads). But also there and there you will have fine types on sea open spaces, mountains and velvet greens of fields. And perfectly thought over and perfectly debugged infrastructure of golf complexes including pools, sports halls, a Spa salons, restaurants, shops, will fill your life with serenity and comfort.

The prices of golf real estate in Belek and Kavarna too are quite comparable. So apartment cost in a golf complex both there and there begins from €67 000-75 000. The price of apartments "luxury" in Beleke – from €84 000, in the Cavity – from €100 000-150 000. The price of country houses in golf complexes of both cities fluctuates from 159 000 to €420 000, thus in Beleke, on the average, the prices gravitate to the lowest level, in Kavarna – to upper.

Except unconditional prestigiousness, in Belek and Kavarna today it is profitable to buy golf real estate also from the investment point of view. After all if you aren't able to come to play golf and to have a rest in the elite house more often than few times in a year, you always will be able profitable to lease golf real estate or, eventually, successfully resell it. Specialists claim that availability of golf object in any area is capable to increase real estate value by 15-20% a year.

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