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Reasons to invest in Turkey

According to the result of United Nations “World Investment Project Survey” on Trade and Development (UCTAD), Turkey is 15th on the list of the most attractive countries for direct foreign investments in 2008-2010, making it the 16th largest economy in the world.

Corporate tax dropped from 30% to 20%.

Income tax for individuals ranges from 15% to 35%.

Turkey is a bridge from east to west and from north to south, providing direct access to major markets without any additional cost. There is also convenient access to half a billion consumers in North Africa, Middle East, Europe and Eurasia; it is in direct access to markets whose GDP is nearly twenty-two trillion dollars.

Turkey has been a part of Customs and European Union since 1996 and has signed FTA – Free Trade Agreement.

Since 2005 there have been negotiations about Turkey becoming a full member of the EU.

Turkey is one of the most democratic countries of Europe in terms of investing in the economy and real estate market:

December, January, February – from +8ºC to +10ºС at night and  +17ºС to +20ºС in the afternoon,
March, April, May – from +10ºC to + 18ºC at night and from +19ºС to +27ºС in the afternoon,
June, July, August – from +22ºC to +28ºС at night and from +35ºС to +38ºС in the afternoon,
September, October, November – from +15ºC to +20ºС at night and from +25ºС to +35ºС in the afternoon;

Telecommunications infrastructure is mainly new; transport and energy are highly advanced, too. Furthermore, Turkey has highly developed system of maritime transport, despite the low cost. Developed rail network allows easy and convenient transportation to Eastern and Central Europe by rail. All transport routes are organised well for direct deliveries to EU countries.

 How to purchase real estate in Turkey in three days:

Enjoy life in Turkey in your own residence!

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