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Apartments in Alanya

RestProperty offers some of the best properties on the coast of Mediterranean in Alanya. Rich infrastructure includes a lot of shops, restaurants and night clubs. Life in Alanya is very comfortable from any point of view.

Real estate in Alanya is very convenient and with flexible price policy you can purchase the apartment both in the city centre and on the coast. This section represents the best options of real estate in Alanya, from the simplest accommodation to elite residences. In many cases the flats are sold with household appliances and furniture. The purchase of real estate is a serious step to make, only having checked all possible aspects of this investment.

Our company provides most versatile services working with real estate on the Mediterranean coast. We consider all client wishes and select most profitable option for investment in Turkish real estate. All these option are available for you to choose from on our website.

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Why not choose Alanya as your next home?

Turkey's resort cities are known all over the world and one of the most famous ones is the city of Alanya. It is situated at the maximum height of 250 m of one of the most beautiful places – the Mediterranean cape. When buying the apartment in Alanya, it is possible to choose one of two parts of the city which are divided by an ancient wall, which is made from ancient wedge blocks. Irrespective of this fact, each half of the city is great. Alanya is also distinguished by modern housing estates, wide streets, walking avenues, and a large number of various shops. All this makes Alanya one of the most popular and visited resorts of Turkey. All real estate in Alanya is in constant demand.

Alanya is one of the most up-beat resorts in Turkey, local hotels are never empty. Last five years' statistic says investment in real estate has increased by 44%. People buy apartments in Alanya for different purposes: holidays, continuous accommodation and leasing. Alanya fascinates everyone. Besides, Turkey has one of the most stable economies in Europe, which is another reason for real estate acquisition in Alanya.

Why Alanya?

From the north, Alanya is closed by the Taurus mountains, therefore there are no cold winds, summers are hot and dry. Sea is warm day and night. Night illumination of the city is particularly beautiful. Night in Alanya is absolutely different experience from the day life. Bars, restaurants, and night clubs work till the morning. If your apartment in Alanya overlooks the sea, you will be able to enjoy this marvellous beauty day and night.

RestProperty helps you make the right choice in any city of Turkey, but we strongly suggest you to buy real estate in Alanya. It has already been said that prices for apartments in Alanya are rather democratic but even if it is not expensive, it doesn't mean it's less comfortable. Most apartments in Alanya are located in housing estates with protected territory, and infrastructure suitable for holidaying and continuous accommodation. We will do everything possible to keep you happy with your investment in real estate here.

Upon apartment purchase in Alanya pay attention to the following items:

Apartments in Alanya are considered as some of the best investments. In apartment choice our company recommends to pay attention to such factors as whether a housing estate or a house is closer to the sea or to the centre. One should bare in mind that apartments in Alanya overlooking the sea will be more expensive, but it will allow you to enjoy playful sea view in the afternoon, and in the evening – wonderful sunset.

Everything depends on preferences – our experts will consult you and make recommendations about real estate acquisition. Browse through the catalog on our website, choose the apartment in Alanya that suits you, call us and we will answer any questions. We also have an inspection tour to Turkey to show you the property and general atmosphere in the area where your chosen real estate is. Good luck!


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